Why We Have Minimum Technical Standards for Remote Employees

In this world of instant gratification, we live in, patience is becoming a scarce virtue. For heaven’s sake, how did we ever get by before next-day delivery by Amazon and same-day delivery by many grocery chains? The absurdity of having to get dressed, find the car keys, load the youngins in the car and drive to the store is going the way of the floppy disk.

Why Professional Certifications Matter at MIS Solutions

Our mission is to add value at every interaction. By getting certifications and investing in learning more, we are adding value to ourselves, our team and the organizations that we serve. How does this benefit you?

It’s true that obtaining professional certifications in the IT field can help further the careers of those who earn them, but it is equally important to take note of certifications when looking for someone to manage your network.

5 Invaluable Lessons from a Trailblazing Multimillionaire

We recently had the opportunity to hear Jesse Itzler speak at an industry event and it was both entertaining and inspiring. You may recognize Itzler as the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Living with a Seal.” The experience of having a U.S. Navy Seal move in with him, his wife Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) and family is just one chapter in his extraordinary life.

Should the Windows Search Index Be Enabled?

You need to find a document in your computer files but just can’t remember where you saved it. Sound familiar? Or perhaps you need to retrieve an email that contains important information about an upcoming meeting with a client. Not to worry. That’s what the search function is for, right? So you type in the search bar the title or subject of your search and there is it.

The Top 3 Lessons I Learned From Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

For Growing A Multi-Million-Dollar Business From Rags To Riches Today, Robert Herjavec is known as the beloved “nice judge” on ABC’s Shark Tank, but if you ask him, he thinks the descriptor “fair” is more appropriate. Whatever you call him, make no mistake: he’s one of the most shrewd and successful businesspeople of our time.

What You Should Do If You Get a License Renewal Notification

Domain Names, SSL Certificates, Hardware and Software Licenses are Some of the Renewals We Handle for Our Clients
Part of the beauty of having an IT service provider handle your company’s network and technology is not having to worry about every small detail.