How People, Process and Technology Impact Cybersecurity Threats

Cybercrime is one of the largest threats affecting our economy and businesses. It’s easy to look at the billions of dollars lost to cyberattacks each year and simply say that the answer is to buy more technology, but that’s not the only answer. People, process and technology have to work in tandem to effectively combat cybersecurity threats.

New Year, New MIS

MIS Solutions was founded 25 years ago as the result of a simple observation. We noticed that small businesses needed full-service IT support, but the options were limited. Over the last 25 years, we have grown, faced new challenges and have had the privilege of serving countless businesses across the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

3 Holiday Cybersecurity Tips

The holiday season brings good cheer, yummy treats, time with family and friends, and unfortunately, heightened cyberattacks. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is important to be aware of how to best protect your business. Here are three holiday cybersecurity tips to keep in mind.

What’s the Difference Between Malware vs. Ransomware?

Malware and ransomware both pose serious security threats to your businesses’ operating systems, just in different ways. Most of the time, large sums of money are on the line when it comes to these kinds of security breaches, so your company must take extra precautions and be aware of how to spot the difference between malware vs.

If You Can Believe, You Can Achieve

How a Passion for Helping Children Has Fueled This Metro Atlanta IT Support Company's Drive to Make an Impact in Gwinnett County
When Maureen Kornowa, director of the Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, approached MIS Solutions about sponsoring its very first Power of One award, she didn’t have to ask twice.

Cybercriminals Are Taking Aim At Your Business … Is Your Network Protected?

  Cybercriminals love to test your defenses. They love to see how far they can get into the networks of businesses all over the globe. Cybercriminals really love going after small businesses because they can all too often sneak onto a network, copy data and move on.

IT Support Strategies for Your Business in Atlanta

Information technology (IT) can positively affect your business if you use the correct strategies but can end up being the worst enemy if you ignore the very basic requirements or you don't have an IT support team in Atlanta to help you when you are stuck.

What You Should Do If You Get a License Renewal Notification

Domain Names, SSL Certificates, Hardware and Software Licenses are Some of the Renewals We Handle for Our Clients
Part of the beauty of having an IT service provider handle your company’s network and technology is not having to worry about every small detail.

Can You Count on Your IT Company to Make Your Job Easier?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.” Think about that for a moment. Theodore Levitt, an American economist and professor at Harvard Business School made this profound statement back in 1960 and it still rings just as true today as it did back then.