IT Support in Atlanta: Benefits of the Cloud for SMBs

Today, you will find that more small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly moving to the cloud, or at least partnering with IT support providers in Atlanta to learn more about the cloud. Every business wishes to use a solution that reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). The term cost-saving is enough to get you the attention you need in a room full of SMBs.

While you might be wondering how new technology will help you save on costs, it is interesting to note that cloud solutions can be leveraged to reduce the inevitable operational cost significantly.

Computers for a small business: Laptop vs. desktop

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got your hands full making choices that can make or break your company. One important decision is choosing your small- to mid-sized business’s (SMB) computer hardware, whether you should invest in desktops or laptops. The following are valuable considerations on how to make the best choice between the two. Portability Modern […]

3 Ways an IT Services Provider in Atlanta Can Help You Identify Phishing Schemes

Phishing schemes continue to rise, so it is essential to partner with an IT services provider in Atlanta for the ultimate protection. These phishing schemes target a wide range of employees, whether it is a newly hired worker or a high-level executive. With an IT consultant in Atlanta, you can identify these phishing schemes and avoid becoming the next victim.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta: 5 Tough Cybersecurity Questions

Gone are the days when only the largest companies had to worry about cyberattacks. These days, everyone from the smallest startup to the largest international corporation has to deal with cyberattacks. Experts on managed IT services in Atlanta bring forward five questions every company needs to answer about cybersecurity:
1. If a breach were to occur, what kind of data does your company stand to lose?
A list of data your company might have includes customer data, trade secrets, research, personal information for employees, and financial information.

How to fix Office 2019 issues

Microsoft Office 2019 has become one of the most popular productivity suites used by schools and offices alike. It is one of the most sought-after software products in the market and is Microsoft’s main income generator. If you need help with an Office program, here’s what to do. F1 Let’s assume you have Office installed […]

Overcome Common Challenges in the Workplace with IT Support in Atlanta

Many small businesses face various challenges in the workplace, but partnering with an IT support provider in Atlanta can help your company overcome any obstacle. Of course, technology is frequently changing, and a managed service provider can help your small business use innovative technology and reach even higher levels of success.

Facebook marketing mistakes to avoid

Over the last few years, the number of Facebook users has been growing at an astounding pace, and many businesses are advertising on the platform to better reach and target their audiences. Yet plenty of Facebook advertisers have been burned by low engagement, high costs, and negative feedback from followers. To avoid these issues, you […]

How to pick the most secure browser

The internet is a Wild West of sorts, as one could never know what kind of threat they’ll come across. This is why for businesses, it’s important to identify secure browsers to keep threats at bay. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge, Windows’ current default browser, is an improvement over its predecessor Internet Explorer (IE). Edge was […]

IT Services in Atlanta: Recovery Plan for Businesses Hit with Ransomware

Ransomware has emerged as a significant threat to operations and profitability. Ransomware attackers will hijack the target's computers or network and freeze them until a ransom is paid. This ransom is often paid in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Once the ransom is paid, control of the computers is returned.

How to Decide on the Ideal IT Support in Atlanta

If you are looking for IT support in Atlanta, it’s probably because you understand how important your IT system is important in all your business functions. For smaller businesses, it may not be feasible to have a complement of IT staff in-house, but with managed IT services in Atlanta, you can kill a number of birds with one stone.