Get to Know Duncan Keevy, Support Desk Specialist

Get to Know Duncan Keevy, Support Desk Specialist

Duncan is one of our top-notch South African engineers and an avid bike enthusiast. He loves motorcycles and loves talking about them just as much. Since joining the MIS team early in 2019, Duncan has built a solid reputation as someone who loves helping people, is eager to learn and is super friendly.

Where are you from?

Port Elizabeth is my hometown. I currently live in Ladismith in Little Karoo which is about 186 miles from Cape Town. At the moment, we’re living on my Mom’s farm because of the pandemic lockdown. There are 12 of us here including my family, my sister’s family and our Mom and Dad.

Ladismith, South Africa

Ladismith, South Africa

Tell us about your family.

I’ve been married for 14 years to my better half, Angelique. We have three children: Jodi, 18; Zoe-Lee, 13 going on 35; and Dean, 11. We have three dogs, although there are six on the farm now. Bam Bam is a small rat-like dog that belongs to Angelique. We have an 8-year-old Bull Terrier named Naja (nicknamed Nigel) and a Boerboel who is just over a year old. His name is Jabba the Hutt. For those not familiar with Boerboels, they are very large, mastiff-type dogs from South Africa. They can weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. They are intimidating but discerning guardians of home and family and are mostly trained to protect homesteads from ferocious predators.


Jabba the Hutt

What is your favorite food?

Anything on the seafood list.

What’s the craziest/funniest/most outrageous thing you’ve ever witnessed/done?

Once when I was 19 or 20, I was driving around with my sister and a friend when we passed what we thought was a hardware store. My sister went off the rails about some chickens that were being ill-treated with bright lights being shone on them. The friend insisted we go back to investigate and while I was walking and still looking for the offending shop, I heard breaking glass behind me and the friend telling me to grab chickens. We put them in the car and I ranted and raved the whole way home about how brainless that was. When I drove past the scene the next morning, I found out it wasn’t a hardware store but a pet shop. I felt so bad that I went back to the store later that month and bought a hamster, food and a cage, which I couldn’t really afford, and left an envelope for the owner with the cashier. The note confessed that I was inadvertently involved with the smashed window and that the chickens were being well cared for by a neighbor who had facilities to house them. I put money in the envelope to help pay for the damage. We didn’t see that friend much after that.

What are your hobbies?

Bikes, Bikes, and more bikes. And this goes hand-in-hand with camping.

Dean on motorcycle


Where are some of the places you’ve traveled to? And what was your favorite?

Mainly South Africa, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Ladismith. Currently and my favorite would be my hometown of Port Elizabeth.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

In my younger days, I rolled my mom’s car, and literally wound up underneath the car at the end of the accident. I was trapped underneath while the exhaust burnt into me.   As a result, I don’t have a right-hand side Pectoral area.

What is one thing you avoid like the plague?

Confrontation, and letting people down on the whole.  Even if they’ve let me down.  I’m the person that will go and pay twice for the same thing.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Wolverine. He has a nice story, didn’t know where he came from but had an idea of where he is going.  And generally the adamantium skeleton and claws of course.

Favorite quote?

No Mess no fuss.

What did you do before joining MIS?

I worked for another IT Support company based in San Francisco.  Also remote support using technologies such as ScreenConnect and Connectwise.

Tell us a little bit about what you do each day in your job.

Ensure end users can work with software either the way they’re used to working with it, or need to work with it.  I also assist with general cloud-related issues, as well as local workstation and server scenarios.

The kids

What do you like best about working at MIS?

I enjoy the people I work with, and the newer technology and such.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Being out in the farmlands, I like to arrange long bike trips on most weekends, though slowed down a little, summer is rolling around too, so this will increase. My daughter likes the camping scene too, so generally I’m involved with the planning and getting things together for camping trips.