5 Tips to Get Your Team Onboard With Processes

5 Tips to Get Your Team Onboard With Processes

Being an EOS company has been a game-changer for MIS Solutions. With the guidance of our EOS coach, Tom Bouwer, implementing Entrepreneurial Operating System principles and strategies have aided us in growing and scaling while continuing to provide exceptional support to our clients.

One component of EOS is strengthening your organization's processes – those few core processes that make your business model unique. Defining and documenting basic guideposts for your team in order to help them become consistent and efficient is the basis for this component. In his book Traction, EOS founder Gino Wickman says this is the most neglected aspect of the system and employees tend to resist the whole notion. But why? And how can you get everyone on your team onboard with strengthening your core processes?

Rene Boer recently wrote an article that appeared on the EOS blog that sheds some light on the subject. In his article, Boer explains that "it's consistency, not smiles, that keep customers coming back" adding that well-documented processes that are followed by all ensure consistency for your clients and scalability of your business.

Even so, staff members often feel threatened by following a process so they dig their heels in and resist. Boer explains that this fear often stems from the threat of losing something such as status, control, certainty and even their job.

Here are five tips to help your employees overcome their fears and resistance to following your core processes:

Explain Why – CORE Processes tie directly to the customer experience as illustrated by your PROVEN Process (part of your marketing strategy). Providing customers with a consistent experience earns their trust and builds loyalty which creates more business and opportunities to grow.


Get Their Input – The people who are doing the work should help determine the best way to deliver the desired result. Not involving them, asking them or getting them engaged is a sure way to build resentment and resistance to following any new process.


Begin with the END in Mind – Determine the desired outcome for the process and work backwards to identify each of the high-level steps necessary to drive that outcome, especially when you have a long revenue cycle.


Keep It Simple - There are a handful of CORE Processes that drive every business. Determine who has accountability for each one. Identify the high-level steps in each process, the owner of each step and the acceptable timeframe for completion.


Establish Metrics – Identify activities, review each step so that activities can be measured and inform you that the overall process is working.


Strengthen Your Process Component™

Believe it or not, your business already has processes that are getting things done. They may not be getting done in the best way, or on time, but they are getting done. However, if you’re not achieving the results you want, it should be apparent that your processes need review. Address them now before the need becomes more urgent.

Creating the best processes for your business requires input from a number of sources, particularly staff who have worked the processes for a long time. In developing and documenting your company's core processes get input from those who are retiring within the next three years. Think about how long it will take to train their replacements and who in your organization will do the training. You'll want to capture their input before you lose this great source of knowledge.

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