How an Orange County IT Support Provider Can Help Mitigate Zero-Day Attacks

How an Orange County IT Support Provider Can Help Mitigate Zero-Day Attacks

Orange County IT support providers are now offering security solutions to mitigate zero-day attacks. Although no organization can eliminate zero-day attacks wholly, creating a zero-day attacks knowledgebase is an efficient approach to limiting your organization’s vulnerability to such attacks.

Once you understand the nature of zero-day attacks and how your IT systems may be affected, then you can deploy preventative measures to limit your risk.

Zero-Day Attacks Best Practices

With the help of a specialty IT security provider, you can implement effective measures to enhance the security of your network to minimize the risk of a zero-day attack. Here are the top IT security best practices in the prevention of zero-day attacks:

  • Disable HTML email - Hackers use HTML email to inject malicious code into computer networks. Email services are susceptible to zero-day attacks based on HTML code through the injection of an ANI file. Thus, disabling HTML in your mail server is efficient in preventing malicious code from reaching your networks. Also, it helps in the prevention of phishing attacks that deliver links to malicious sites encoded in HTML email.
  • Filter email attachments - Successful zero-day attacks happen when hackers identify security flaws in your systems before you do. For instance, the ANI flaw, which was remedied by a software patch, was delivered as a malicious email attachment. To avoid succumbing to such attacks, deploy strict email filtering protocols. It is also essential to apply the protocols on both incoming and outgoing emails.

Allow attachments only from specific business partners and vendors and disallow the rest. Then, set specific file names and extensions for such attachments. As a result, you will limit the risk of zero-day attacks from malicious email attachments.

Smart LAN Intelligence Tools

While you may have network monitoring software with inbuilt virus detection tools, they cannot detect zero-day attack risks from anomalous behavior. However, contracting an Orange County IT support provider will hand you the LAN intelligence tools to exercise control over connections each workstation has with other computers within your internal networks.

Under such scrutiny, an infected computer cannot spread malicious code to other computers since it is restricted to access limited network resources.

For instance, a payroll computer in the HR department cannot communicate with computers in other departments. Thus, if infected, it cannot spread the malicious code.

The zero-day market is growing fast, so staying up-to-date with IT security trends is essential in protecting your IT assets. AT MIS Solutions, Inc, we are a dependable Orange County IT support provider that helps businesses secure their systems. Contact us now for more information.