Data Security solutions in Atlanta and the metro area custom made for your unique computing situation!

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Every business owner understands there are threats and risks involved when staff click on links.  What happens if the staff isn’t as concerned about malware and viruses as you are?  Your whole network could be attacked and sensitive data lost to intruders.

We build custom solutions to keep your business safe.  We even secure your wireless connections so intruders can’t access important client information or data.  For example, one client we picked up had a rogue former employee.  They escorted the employee out and wiped their computer, but forgot to deactivate the user account and that employee was able to login to the wifi without even being in the building as solicited his former customers.  Is your system prepared for an attack like that?

With a data security – network protection system from MIS-Solutions, you can expect:

  • Increased productivity for employees as we can lock them out of sites you don’t want them on. (Yes this includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other sites that are notorious wasters.
  • Detection of intruders – know when an intruder is trying to gain access to your network
  • A certified technology partner who has gone through extensive training and best practices to ensure your network is protected

The team at MIS Solutions have invested a lot of time, money and energy to fully understand what it takes to protect your computer networks.  Using best practices, MIS Solutions makes it easy to stay productive while giving peace of mind you are protected.

If your business has been hoping for the best and not protecting the computer and network and you are ready to secure your systems, give MIS Solutions a call so we can help you with a strategic security solution for your IT.

If much of your business is done by using the internet, you need to call MIS Solutions, as you are already at risk for viruses and malware.  Call us today and we’ll work with you to see what you really need and what you can avoid.

We help companies develop the best practices with data security, malware protection and computer virus removal.  Give us a call today for a free assessment!