June 28th, 2014

ServicesAllowing access to private business data is a difficult thing for business owners to do. You want to make sure that every piece of valuable information is protected against any form of theft or loss. One great way to protect your data is to establish a two factor authentication system.

A two factor authentication system is one in which you are asked for a secondary layer of information before you are able to access private information. For example, if you log into your company’s administrative portal, you will most definitely be asked for a password. Then, you would be asked for a secondary code or a piece of information that only you would know.

This, of course, makes your documentation more secure and makes it more difficult for someone to hack into your account. However, you should be very selective in regards to your password and the secondary code so that no one would be able to guess your answer.

As you spend time with employees over the years, they begin to learn things about you because you talk about your families and interests together. If you are someone who owns a boat, for example, and boating is your most favorite thing to do, your employees might know that about you. If your password is the name of your boat, that might be a little too easy for your employees to guess if they were trying to access your data. In addition, if your secondary authentication is your mother’s maiden name, your employees might know that too. Make sure all of your passwords and questions are things that only you would know for optimum security and protection for your data.

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June 27th, 2014

PerformanceImagine if your computer system failed, and you lost every piece of client information and financial information. For most businesses, this would be catastrophic. It would take weeks to months to recreate all of that data, and some of it would be lost forever.

It is impractical to trust your employees to manually back up your system as often as they should. They could forget, or they could just not feel like it that day. For many larger companies, losing one day of records would be a huge undertaking to restore. In addition, allowing your employees to back up your system gives them the ability to walk out the door with all of your data. How much can you really trust an employee with everything that controls your business?

Even if you had the most trustworthy employees on the planet, and they back up your system every single day, the back up can still be lost or damaged. If the back up is left at the company, and the office burns down that night, the entire back up is destroyed. If the employee takes the back up home with them, you risk exposure of personal information to unauthorized people. Of course, their house could also burn down too.

The only safe solution is to employ an off-site back up service that will automatically back up your data everyday and store it on their secure network. Then, you can rest better knowing your data can easily be restored in the event of theft or loss.

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June 21st, 2014

Crimeware is a concept that every single business owner should be familiar with. Most everyone has either heard of an instance of crimeware happening, or they probably have experienced it first hand. Crimeware is that email that has an attachment with it that when opened will distribute malware all over the computer system in an effort to gain access to private information. Or, it is the pop-up that tells the operator something is wrong with the computer system and to “click here” to fix it. Nothing good follows after the click here button is pushed.

Installing anti-virus programs on all computer systems is a necessary step to protect important data, but one should not assume that by simply installing an anti-virus program that they are protected from all forms of cyber-evil. The ones who want the company’s information have discovered ways to get around anti-virus software. This, once again, does not suggest that companies should not bother with anti-virus programs. They absolutely should because anti-virus does provide an enormous layer of protection. However, companies need to be aware that they need to do more to ensure their data is protected.

One thing that all companies should do is disable Java in the browser. This may be difficult with some software applications, but it is necessary. Java has created open spaces in security that allow access to unauthorized users. If it is disabled, that access is taken away.

Java in the browser can be the back door Atlanta companies don’t bother to look at in their network security protocol. ¬†This is fast becoming one of the most common methods to launch a data attack against a company or individual. ¬†Using Java in your browser carries more risk than bringing benefit at this point.

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May 12th, 2014

Businesses tend to underestimate the value of their data. Cyber thieves use the fact that most companies fail to properly secure themselves from outside intrusion. This makes these businesses easy targets for both data theft and the heavy financial losses that can accompany it.

While it tends to be too expensive for a smaller business to afford adding enough IT professionals to ensure constant maintenance of their networks, it is possible to enable comprehensive security and network maintenance with IT services in Atlanta.

PerformanceIT services in Atlanta provide a cost-efficient way to secure your business against digital intrusion. Their qualified personnel can audit your network for security risks, patch up holes and provide a constant monitoring that will alert you of any security breaches as they occur. These services come together to create a comprehensive plan for defending your business’s sensitive data.

The security that they can provide isn’t the only thing that IT services in Atlanta can do. They can help you plan for integrating new technology into your business, aid in maintaining your hardware and software, and make delays from IT component failure become significantly less frequent.

Problems that would have otherwise gone undiagnosed can be spotted, repaired and prevent before they are able to put a halt to your business.

The most advantageous part about IT services in Atlanta is that their work tends to be provided on a pay-as-you-need-it basis. You’re paying for the work that they perform, rather than paying someone to be present at your company to tend to problems as they arise. This results in a greater cost-efficiency, which in turn makes these services affordable for businesses of every size.