Here are some windows shortcut tips that can help you work faster.  Press the buttons indicated to get the result you need.  For example, to open the start menu on your computer, you can press the Control button (CTRL) and the Escape (ESC) button simultaneously and the Start menu will pop open.

  • Have you ever wanted an easy way to find something? Try this: press CTRL + F in almost any windows application and the find window will pop-up; no more having to look for the find command on the menu.
  • Are you tired of having to pick up the mouse to copy and paste? Try this: to copy something, simply highlight it and press CTRL + C to copy it.  You can then press CTRL + V to paste it.  One other note on this, you can press CTRL + A to select everything all at once.
  • Have you ever deleted some text in a document that you wish you could get back easily? Here is a tip: press the CTRL + Z key and you can undo your changes; press it again and it will keep undoing your changes until you get back to what you want.
  • Have you ever been in a form and tabbed too far while going from field-to-field? Did you have to pick up the mouse to click on the field you just passed? Here is another tip: the TAB button will move you forward from field to field and SHIFT + TAB will go backwards – this will allow you to do more without having to pick up the mouse.
  • Are you one of “those” people that have a lot of windows open all at once?  Isn’t it a pain to have to minimize them one-by-one to get back to the desktop or a window that is buried somewhere?  Here is a shortcut: press Windows + M to minimize all of the windows at once.  Then you can just reopen the one you were looking for.
  • Are you in and out of applications all day long? Isn’t it a pain to have to click on the X or go file / exit each time? Here is a tip: you can use the ALT + F4 key combination to close down any application in windows.
  • Do you send a lot of email? Isn’t it a pain to pick up the mouse and press the send button when you are done?  Try this next time: when you are ready to send your email, instead of pressing the send button, just press ALT + S instead.

Here is a Quick reference that you can keep handy for all of the shortcuts that we have covered above:

Shortcut Function
CTRL + ESC Open Start Menu in Windows
CTRL + F Open the find windows in a windows application
CTRL + A Select everything
CTRL + C Copy the selected text
CTRL + V Paste your copied text
CTRL + Z Undo
TAB Move forward from field to field in a form
SHIFT + TAB Move backwards from field to field in a form
Windows + M Minimize all open windows
ALT + F4 Close the current application
ALT + S Send an email – like pressing the send button in Outlook