Dear Jennifer,

This past summer, we were faced with the daunting task of ensuring our network was PCI compliant.  After reading the PCI specifications, we were overwhelmed with the number of questions and weren’t sure how we were going to secure the internal network to ensure compliance.  The questions were long and it wasn’t obvious which ones applied to us.  I shared this with my wife, Eileen, and she suggested I talk to Lliam for ideas.  While talking with Lliam, I sensed his familiarity and experience with the subject and the challenges we faced so we engaged MIS to help us.  One of the things I liked most in the interview process was Jennifer said, “MIS didn’t pursue every opportunity”.  You interviewed prospective clients first to see if there was a match in terms of challenges, types of help needed and values.  I appreciated your candor and it made me realize that you all were focused on serving only those that were a good match for your services.  From working in IT for many years, it was refreshing to meet a firm that was genuinely interested in helping as opposed to just after securing new clients.


As we faced our PCI compliance challenge, MIS shared that the UTM (unified threat management) system was the key to our compliance.  It was a big piece to the puzzle because it helped us to segment our network so that we could lock down the parts related to PCI compliance.  The added bonus was it enabled us to separate the backup function too.  I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about backups now because I know that your team – not just me – is looking after them daily.  That in itself is a huge burden off my plate.  I have peace of mind knowing that MIS is making sure we have backups and that they work consistently.

Working thru the network planning stage on the PCI project with you and Lliam was a huge stress reliever.  We met with you and white boarded out the network, the PCI requirements and how they applied to our business – which helped me understand the strategy on how we were going to meet the compliance requirements.  I also loved that fact that we can turn over the PCI documentation to you directly and you continue to update it with us.  Working with your team simplified this daunting task and helped us complete compliance in less than 2 weeks. Now getting our quarterly audit results is much easier and we simply make changes as needed.

Implementation of this project was easy with MIS. Reorganizing our network for this project was scheduled outside of our production time.  I like that your team is flexible on scheduling nights and weekend work as certain projects require it.  For other companies that face PCI compliance, I recommend using a UTM.  It helps you segregate the network and focus the PCI requirements on the applicable parts of the network.  In other words, it simplifies and streamlines what you need to do.

We hired MIS to initially help us with a Buffalo server and the PCI compliance requirements. At the time, we were considering hiring another IT person to help maintain our network.  After working successfully with your team, we decided to give MIS a try as our outsourced IT department because we realized that we could have access to a whole range of technical talent (security, backup & disaster recovery, email, network administration, etc.) at a lower cost than hiring a single person with limited areas of expertise.  That was huge for us.

After 4 years of building this network, MIS is now helping us take it to the next level in terms of backup preparations, security, helpdesk services, and PCI compliance which enables me time to focus on the strategic web development projects we have planned.  This process of working with you has highlighted the fact that technology is accelerating faster than ever and there is so much out there to learn to stay up to speed.  I like that I have your team in our corner so we can see what’s working for other companies and apply that wisdom to our environment.  Thank you for helping me move our network forward, Stirling Flynn, Director of Technology, Living On The Edge With Chip Ingram.

Dear Stirling,

Working with you has been our absolute pleasure.  You’ve taken time to share your firm’s history, network layout, technical evolution and ongoing needs with us.  Not many people take the time to do that but it’s huge in helping companies truly leverage their investment in IT.  Your efforts and dedication have paid huge dividends to your firm’s increased security, protection and business continuity preparedness- all of which were accomplished in a very short time period.  We’ve appreciated working with you to move the network forward.  You have been extremely helpful, flexible, resourceful and eager to learn and apply best practices.  We appreciate being involved and look forward to many more years assisting you and your team. – Lliam & Jennifer Holmes